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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 25, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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he survived a tour of duty over seas, tonight family and friends are mourning the death of their son killed in a crash. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener.
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andrew silva was on his way home on his motorcycle when he was killed by a drunk driver. >> reporter: it doesn't seem fair and it doesn't seem right. that's what friends and family are telling me about lance corporate andrew silva. if you look behind me, a large crowd is gathered. all of them trying to make sense of what truly is a senseless death. a man works to repair a crosswalk sign on busy dakota road as a family works to repair its broken heart. >> big impact. >> reporter: tony tesano talks me through the events that left silva dead. tosano says it started here. a man called to report a man in
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a mini cooper who was distraught and tried to pay with a medical card. then police say the driver ran a red light and slammed into a motorcycle. killing lance corporate lance silva. here he is seen here in afghanistan. his friends rushed to the scene. >> they brought a flag to cover him. >> this guy had been stopped on a normal day it would have been a misdemeanor dui. but because he is driving like that no common sense we end up with fatality and he ends up with a minor abrasion. >> reporter: he after crashing his car into a utility pole,
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got out and ran. he is being charged with resisting arrest and hit-and- run. he has a prior hit-and-run at another state. and police tell me that he admitted to them he had been drinking before this crash at two different bars. heather holmes. now to the storm watch and much needed rain. that was just the first round. a second storm that's even stronger is sitting behind it is coming right toward us chief meteorologist bill martin is joining us. >> and he has when we will get the second storm. >> look at the totals that
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popped up. not that impressive. not a lot of rain. here's what i'm tracking now. we have storm tracker 2 lighting up. you see a few scattered showers off in the east bay. over here by 24. nothing yet. here's the computer model. here's how it's going to come down tomorrow morning. you see the showers starting to load up. 6:00, 7:00 p.m. it's wet over the entire area. when i come back we'll talk about the second half of the morning commute and the afternoon commute and behind this a chance for much needed rain. >> thank you, bill. our storm watch coverage picks up with ktvu noelle walker she has what some of the drivers deal with on days like this. - - >> reporter: you can imagine that outdoor seating at restaurants on sidewalks are
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not much requested. rain, when drivers get it all at once. officers know it's going to be a busy day. >> we have a big rig hit. >> he probably didn't even hear a collision. >> we're all going to follow you because he's a little shaken up. >> reporter: the chp says this is pretty typical. a rainy day on 880. >> it's already raining so visibility is down a little bit. people are on edge because they're driving in the rain. >> take this exit. >> reporter: the units spent much of the day clearing accidents. >> get into the slow lane. >> our call volume pretty much doubled today. >> reporter: it showered all day but none of it enough to make a dent in the drought. >> i wouldn't bank on a lot of water ending up in our reservoirs. >> reporter: but the puddles on
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the pavement those are enough to leave a dent. when the rain clouds leave sometimes better sense do too. >> people get that fake sense of security because the sun is out. well it rained a few hours ago and the road is wet. >> she's talking on the cell phone while she's driving. while wet outside. >> this driver got a warning. >> don't do it. >> and some advice. >> use the money you're saving on the citation and go get a blue tooth. >> reporter: use a penny, stick it between the tire thread and if you can see the top of lincoln's head you might need new tires. you can see snow is coming down at donor's summit tonight
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but it's not sticking yesterday. the national weather service says the system goes through wednesday evening and into thursday morning. we just checked with cal caltrans at this hour. drivers must have chains and snow tires to the donner lake interchange. there's no restrictions in place. you can check weather conditions any time on the ktvu weather app. it's available for both the iphones and android smart phones. 2 investigates tonight the case of guinto who is accused of abusing students. we have obtained a field trip permission slip. it was for a yosemite trip. guinto is accused of molesting
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12 and 13-year-old students at yosemite before. guinto has pleaded not guilty to 27 charges. that party happened while the homeowners were on vacation. today police announced the arrest of two 18-year-olds gilbert gomes and pak along with 12 juveniles. the fire started on march 16 at the home on fordome way. that's the same weekend that high school and college students held an alcohol and drug fueled party there. an audi was also stolen from the home and later recovered. more arrests are expected. protesters rallied against a proposal to ship crude oil along railcars to san luis obispo county. they will try to get other cities on board to stop the crude. they say the railcars are too dangerous and can explode and they worry about leaks hurting the environment. >> what you see is clean ups
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that really can't happen. it's just too ugly, too dirty, too viscus. it's totally inappropriate to be shipping this material. >> the group plans to start by introducing resolutions at the berkeley city council meeting tonight. from there they hope to lobby sacramento and washington, d.c. to stop the crude. late word that members of an elite team of secret service agents are being disciplined. the washington postsays they are the ones that are supposed to protect the president or his motorcade in the event of his attack. they were sent home before president obama arrived at the home. one agent was found drunk in a hotel hall way and two others did not intervene. now to the search for malaysian airlines flight 370. tonight weather conditions have
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improved in the indian ocean. ken pritchett joins us now with a search and the possible clues that could help narrow ed down. >> reporter: we have received the last three pings from the satellite. now there was seems there was one more partial ping from the aircraft that could provide more location data. a dozen aircraft from six nations left australia in the last hour looking for any clues of flight 370. this after foul weather suspended the search yesterday. a chinese fleet is now in the area. an australian ship is expected to make a b line where two pieces of floating debris were spotted. the search area has narrowed but still covers more than 600,000 square miles. >> we're not searching for a needle in the hay stack. we're still trying to determine where the hay stack is.
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>> reporter: tonight information that flight 370 sent a partial ping six minutes after the contacting. >> from the beginning they just hide everything. and i don't think that this kind of a liar and even a murdering can solve anything. >> reporter: solving the mystery may begin in the indian ocean. the evidence strongly shows the plane went down here. >> in one of the most remote parts in the planet. there's just nothing down there. >> reporter: a special black box locator was to arrive in australia this morning. it is a highly sensitive sensor
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that is drug behind a boat to hear pings from devices. the batter on the pinger device is only expected to last roughly another two weeks or so. >> so not much time. the weather cleared enough for the research to continue. >> today may have been a window of opportunity at least this week. as you know yesterday the search was suspended not only because of low visible but high waves, high wind and the weather suspected to turn foul again tomorrow. we should know sometime around 4:00 our time if the search will resume. >> all right, thanks ken. police shot and killed a man armed with a gun. or so they thought. new information on what they mistook as a pistol. >> i would expect them to know the difference. >> and after the break, lush lawn sobatage. what's making the lawn not
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she was fired more than a week ago but this radio executive is not going quietly. she's actually now liveing in her office day and night. and she even has some supporters who moved in with her. >> amber lee is outside of a community radio. >> reporter: we made it inside the pacifica foundation which is kpfs headquarters. you can see by the air mattress people are sleeping here. >> you're going to crush my arm. don't break my arm sir. >> reporter: except for self- appointed guards at the door and air mattresses in the hall way it's business as usual as the pacifica foundation.
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>> i cut the block put outside of the building so our staff could come in. >> reporter: officially fired she refuses to leave. and is barricaded inside with her mother. work is getting done despite the situation. >> this is a personnel issue. >> reporter: we caught up with the chairwoman of the board that fired reese as she left for the day she admitted she was shocked by the response. >> the first stunner of course was that summer cut the padlock off the door. >> reporter: the shredding truck was really like over the top. >> reporter: marty wilkinson says barricaded employees may have had documents shredded yesterday. something reese denies. >> they didn't put anything in it. >> reporter: this long time producer tells us the dispute had become a devisive at
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pacifica. >> for me it was like the process of how they went along with her firing. >> reporter: the problem is to stop the eviction. >> to get this group evicted, wilkinson will have to apply for a citizens arrest and wait for the police department to determine whether or not that complaint was legitimate or not. reporting live, patti lee, ktv you ktvd ktvu channel 2 news. the vandals are using herbicide on lawns in the area of moorland way and clarita avenue. one homeowner says the incidents date back to the fall of 2012 and were still occurring as recently as this month. neighbors say they are concerned that who are is behind the attack social security getting bolder. >> so our biggest concern is
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what happens when the thrill is over. what are they going to turn to next? are they going to target or homes, our car, our families. >> reporter: the homeowners have raised a reward and are asking anyone with information on the case to please call police. walnut creek police plan to do something that hasn 't been done in decades. police have the resources and the budget to do so. >> reporter: it hasn 't been done in at least 25 years. but walnut creek schools right now poised to have on duty police officers assigned to campus. >> i think it's a good idea to have just extra security just someone around that can keep tabs. i'm all for extra security. >> reporter: details still being finalized but north gate highs would each get a full time cop. i think it will make kids act differently.
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maybe they can't be themselves. >> reporter: the department is fully staffed just by reconfiguring shifts more cops can patrol traffic and have two officers just for school. >> it's about being a role model and seeing someone they can look up to and then they can ask questions and not be judged. >> reporter: lieutenant edwards tells me it is doing better policing. >> going out to the school when they call us because they catch somebody that's too late. >> reporter: middle schools would also have police officers although not full time. >> that community connection between the child and the police officer that is a really strong link going forward into middle school and high school. >> reporter: details should be worked out by summer and this program should begin in the fall. in walnut creek, john fowler, ktvu news. three sisters from the east bay say they want some answers about why their mother has been locked up more than 8,000 miles
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away for almost two years. >> it was just roadblock after roadblock. nobody knew anything. no one would tell us anything. even to this day we still don't know where she's being held at. what her charges are. >> the family of long time oakland resident segui says they've been told only that she was detained by the government in the east african nation of aritrea. tomorrow at 5:00, two investigates after segia's daughter reached out for help. that's tomorrow night at 5:00. the obama administration announced tonight it has extended monday's deadline to sign up for health insurance. people can qualify for an extension by indicating they tried to enrole before the deadline but were unable to do so because of technical difficulties. the rule applies to the three dozen states that used the federal exchange. here in california, the deadline of march 31st still
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remaybes. an oakland community health center is getting a grant. barbara lee says the grant will allow asian health services to help more compliants. currently the organization serves 2,400 patients. live storm tracker 2 picking up a few areas of storms. that's storm number two. here comes storm number two just in time for the morning commute. by 6:00 7:00 a.m. the showers have shifted south into san jose. by 9:00 you get the secondary ban coming through the bay area with heavy showers. what did i just show you? the morning commute. it's going to be wet from the top to the bottom. 9:00a.m. will get some heavy showers then the day starts to clear
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out. by lunchtime you start seeing clearing. afternoon commute gets dry. and there's more, we'll tell you when that one gets here. a touch of hollywood in the city by the bay. the latest big movie shot in san francisco and what we learned about
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continuing coverage of that deadly landslide. today the body of a california man was found. this as crews continue to dig through mud 15 feet deep. rescuers now say they recovered
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two more bodies and locate as many as eight more. if that holds true the death toll would stand at 24. last night officials say they had a list of 176 people who were unaccounted for. and today that number rose and fell so much it can't be considered accurate. among the confirmed fatalities a man with tied to yolo county. u.s. navy commander john rugelbrugy. his sister told reporters his brothers found his body today and his wife remains missing. for those who lost friends and loved ones the pain is sering. >> very emotional. don't take life for granted. word surfaced that a u.s.
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expert warned. two of her best known restaurants are bistro de giovani. plans for celebration of her life are not yet complete. the hall of justice in san francisco is the backdrop today for a new television series. and ktvu's david steveson tells us two big named movies are also going to be named in san francisco later this year. >> reporter: hollywood came to san francisco's hall of justice as fake cops and fake reporters swarmed actor james cromwell. >> we didn't know what was happening. we thought it was a big trial. >> reporter: the new san francisco crime show is shooting five days in the city and getting a lot of attention from hall regulars. >> apparently the show is going to be premiering in june. i'll be tuning in to see what they say. >> reporter: san francisco's film commission says film permit revenues jumped between 2012 and 2015 in part from
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series the real world explosion and hbo's looking which is set to film again this fall. more visibility means more tourist dollars. >> free advertising for the city every time san francisco is seen on screen it gives someone the idea, of wow look at an incredible place. i want to go see it. >> reporter: a new term terminator movie and ant man are expected to shoot here. the problem is the scenes are often limited to outdoor shots. the city's film commission is lobbying to increase the california tax credit. locals watching today's shoot took it in stride. >> there's been a whole lot crazier stuff outside of the courthouse so this suspect bad at all. >> reporter: david steveson,
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ktvu -- stevenson, ktvu. millions of salmon out of the water. >>
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new information tonight about a police shooting in san francisco last friday that killed a 28-year-old man. tonight at a heated town hall meeting to address the community, police chief greg suhr said for the first time that the man who was killed by officers was not armed with an actual gun. but he was armed with a stun gun. ktvu's amber lee is at that meeting and is live now to tell us what happened. >> reporter: the meeting took
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place behind me at leonard flynn elementary school. the mood was tense as the chief tried to explain what happened as the officers approached the man shortly before the shooting. >> mr. nieto he had his hands behind him. they asked him to show his hands. mr.nieto by profession is a security guard but for mental health reasons -- >> [yelling] >> reporter: the man who yelled out is a friend of alejandro nieto who was shot and killed by officers. nieto's father also sat in the front door. he was among those who packed the hearing. >> he did not have a gun he had a taser like this. >> reporter: a taser that his friends say he carried as part of a job at a nightclub. but on saturday night, someone kaƔuled police saying there was a man in the parking lot with a
11:32 pm
gun -- called police saying there was a man in the parking lot with a gun. >> he's got a gun at his hip and is walking back and forth along the chain link fence. >> they asked mr. nieto to show his friends to which he responded you need to show his friends. >> reporter: chief suhr says that nieto then pulled his weapon, and all the officers could see was that it was a black weapon. >> i would expect them to know the difference between a taser and a handgun. >> reporter: how many times was he shot? >> at least 14 times. >> reporter: some question why nieto was shot 14 times. parents fear that what happened to nieto could happen to their son. >> how am i going to teach my son to call 911 when i can't even trust you guys. >> reporter: supporters displayed a photo and messages in memory of alejandro nieto. some say are promising to show
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a protest by marching to vernal heights. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. also today san francisco police announce the arrest of two men in a shooting that injured three people in the tenderloin. this is surveillance video from sunday night's shooting during the corner of turk. police say they arrested curtis warren and verl jones in connection with that shooting. all eight victims are expected to survive. police tell ktvu the gunman was targeting a man who owed him less than $50. no more military action in ukraine. the president made the comment at the conclusion of a nuclear summit in the netherlands. he also said the u.s. would not use military force to force russia out of ukraine. and the president dismissed russia as a world power.
11:34 pm
>> russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors. not out of strength but out of weakness. >> the russia escorted more ukrainian military forces out of crimea today. ukrainian marines said goodbye to their families then boarded buses. prorussian malitias are also being kept on the ground. a rocket blasted off from kasikstan carrying an american astronaut and two russians. the u.s. has had to rely on -- for one commonly used word file, users are being warned about a bobbie trap for files with rich text format.
11:35 pm
microsoft says opening an infected file can allow hackers to comendere your computer. users should avoid opening rtf files. apple is letting parents know by e-mail about this new policy and new parental controls. the policy is a result of a lawsuit filed in 2011 about kids racking up big bills on i tunes without their parents knowledge. that the time purchases could be made for 15 minutes without reentering a password. an effort to save chanook salmon is taking a different turn. instead of swimming to the
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pacific, their journey is made on trucks. >> reporter: most years the chanook smalls swim today they arrive by truck. today workers released the salmon further down at rio vista. >> we need to make sure for our future generations that our wildlife species are there for human generations to enjoy. >> reporter: the fish go from the truck to the holding pen where they get acclamated to the water. it'll be hours before the fish are ready to be released. the drought is making all this necessary. the sacramento river is too low for the young salmon to safely make their way down the river to the pacific without avoiding the dangerous sacramento delta.
11:37 pm
>> it's a complex of water ways, reverse flows, complex operations they just don't do well. >> reporter: there is some risk in the plan. because the salmon didn't swim down the river they may have more trouble finding their way back to spawn. >> i think there's concern that when we truck these fish that it disrupts their inprint think cycle. when they make the return journey the adults that we release here are going to stray in vastly larger numbers. >> reporter: but releasing the babies with the outgoing tide is the best chance of surviving. showers today, but this wet weather is not over yesterday. i'm timing out when the wet weather will stay. and how police say he snuck to the
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richland police and park authorities are teaming up. in the past three months 18 people have been robbed near the station. police say robbers seem to target commuters who are distracted with their mobile devices or wearing head phones. federal judges ruled today the city of san francisco can enforce two controversial gun laws. the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals withdrew a requirement. the three judge panel upheld the city's ban on sales of hollow point bullets. the nra is already promising to
11:41 pm
appeal. the distributor of four loko has agreed to overhaul its marketing strategy. this after dennis herr era and 19 others state attorney's general urged the company to do so. in an agreement announced today fusion project says it will no longer target under aged drinkers or promote its drinks on college campuses. it will also refrain from promoting binge drinking. it will also delete posts that promote irresponsible behavior. the supreme court took up the issue of birth control. women's right advocates say a woman's personal health decisions should not be up to her employer. >> women have the right to make their own decisions about their health care, and their birth control and it's not their
11:42 pm
bosses decision. >> we're arguing today that the obama administration has moved from choice to coercion and undermining america's freedom of conscious. the justices are expected to release their decision in late june. authorities in new york have arrested three base jumpers for parachuting off the new one world trade center. they did so last september. one of the jumpers recorded the stunt on video as he dropped 1,776 feet. another man helped them as well. they all say they walked through a hole in a fence. police are hoping their arrest will deter other thrill seekers. and coming up after the break. a parking control officer, a
11:43 pm
pedestrian and a bicyclist. and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking more rain. stay with us with how it will affect your commute tomorrow. >> and i wanted
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new video tonight from san jose where a parking control officer had run ins with both the bike rider and the pedestrian. fortunately no one was seriously injured. the run-in happened in front of city hall. the officer walked through the crosswalk and bumped the
11:46 pm
pedestrian. the pedestrian bumped into a bicyclists. a man looking for a date will end up in court, due to his pick up strategy. giving his phone number got him arrested. >> reporter: she says early saturday morning she was in the alley behind the restaurant talking to a friend. when a man approached her and asked her out. >> he just said i've seen you around before and wanted to talk to you but never really got the chance. here's my number let's hang out later. collin says that she and another coworker walked out back to
11:47 pm
take out trash and noticed there were tvs and computers outside. >> we noticed he was out there and realized we were being robbed. >> reporter: saturday night they arrested quintanilla. >> none of the bartenders are going out by themselves. they're always keeping a closer eye on the basement and watching people better. like kind of hanging around. >> the restaurant has also added security cameras throughout the area. as for quintanilla he's still in jail. facebook announced a $3 million deal. facebook says it's acquiring the maker of a virtual reality
11:48 pm
head set. virtual reality could be the next big thing says mark zuckerberg. he says it would be a fusion of gaming and networking which accounts for 80% of the time people spend online. the dow jones gained 91 points, nasdaq added seven. the gains came mostly from health care companies. a massive dust storm blew its way across parts of arizona today. a warning was issued earlier for central arizona. you can see it here as it moved through an area about 60 miles south of phoenix. residents and drivers were warned about reduced visibility and strong winds with gusts of up to 45 miles per hour were in the area. light showers out there this afternoon. and this evening still occurring. cloudy and you'll see some areas just out of here by fairfield. let's come in real close. it's real light rain at this hour. a couple of hours ago, most of
11:49 pm
it now is real light. east of vallejo and american canyon. that's it. it's winding down until we get to tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning we're talking about increased showers and rain basically on that morning commute. temperatures are mild out there. the story today was yesterday we had temperatures in the 80s. today's temperatures were in the 60s. we had some areas that had 15, 17 degrees. this new system as we go through could see quarter of an inch in some places could see inch and a half in other places. a little bit of a wind. maybe a thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. in the mountains a winter storm warning goes into effect tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. snow levels down to 5,500 feet. maybe one to 2 feet of new snow. yeah it's spring but now it's beginning to act a little like winter. here we are now. here we are in tomorrow's commute. it's wet. here we are during tomorrow's commute. it's supposed to be dry.
11:50 pm
here we are with scattered showers, mostly dry. here we are thursday afternoon, a little rain to the north. here we are friday morning. you see what's happening it's still unsettled but most of the activity friday morning may be a little bit of a wet commute. friday afternoon maybe some sprinkles up around napa and actives up near the mountains. that could get dialed up a little more accurately as we go through the next five days. this will be counting today. computer models putting it all together. through friday an inch in santa rosa. all the way through friday maybe .8 of an inch. forecast highs tomorrow upper 50s low 60s. not the 80s we saw yesterday. what we do know as those other systems are coming tomorrow. we do know your compute is going to be wet. especially in that .5, .6.7 time period. that unsettled weather makes its way into the bay area
11:51 pm
weekend. i'm sure the models will come tomorrow by tomorrow morning when steve comes in here. he'll have them the new model runs to talk about. just know wednesday morning's commute is not going to be any fun early. >> don't put away those umbrellas just yet. >> no. california police have come up with a new set of rules and don'ts. the rules for levi stadium were approved today. some you might expect. but there's more no throwing objects like footballs either inside or outside the stadium. guide dogs are the only animals allowed. no reptiles, fish or birds. and you can only sit in the seat that you have a ticket for. >> i won't bring my reptile to the game. >> i wonder were people bringing reptiles to candle stick. i don't know. >> don't ask now. and mark is here now. a really good night for the shark and one shark in particular. >> a hat trick within a hat
11:52 pm
trick for pevelski. three times he's scored a goal in the game and the three times he's done it the sharks come out with a win. and it was in the third period when he gets his first one. that will tie things up with the oilers. seventhperiod, joe thornton finding joe pevelski. 5-2 sharks, they now lead the pacific. bubbly just below the surface continued whispers that all is not perfect within the organization. as they resumed practice today after the loss against san antonio. word is that coach mark johnson has forced one of his coaches calabrini off the bench and into another position with the organization and that jackson
11:53 pm
himself is said to put out feelers to other teams in the league and the relationship with the owner is not the best. a very nonjovial jackson addressing the calabrini situation after the game. >> i did talk to him beforehand and i let him know it was my decision. and we move forward. the assignment is still the assignment. we have a tied together group that will go on as business as usual. and look forward to you know facing the challenges that lie ahead. >> to be continued. meantime, sure the giants and a's just like all their fans are ready for the real stuff to commence. get it going. babe ruth series back in the bay later in the week and
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11:56 pm
now into the final phase both giants and a's getting ready to make it real. giants let the meat of their order do the talking. that would be pablo. don't insult me with a double. trying to make an impression
11:57 pm
this spring. shoots one into the gap. he's got himself a double. and adrianza is scoring easily. even though the a's have camp slowing down the first pitch they were not about that they were about this. hitting the long ball this afternoon. there is brandon moss deep three run shot his fourth of the spring. they're off and moving and they need a lot of healthy swings like this from josh redick this year back from the wrist problems. solo, a's win it 8-4. don't know if he'll end up being the top of the draft. johnny hoops, not football. shows he has altitude and athletic ability. 39-1/2 vertical leap. his proday is coming up thursday. so he can do a little bit --
11:58 pm
>> 5'11". >>
11:59 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on tmz -- >> one of the gladiators from "scandal" got in a bar room brawl and broke a guy's nose and this is not his first fight. >> the guy pisses columbus off by saying i can get all my women to buy anything i want for me including your wife. >>hen they talk smack and your wife you got to hit 'em. >> would you hit anybody who said anything about your wife? >> a girl said something to my wife and i didn't hit her. >> judge joe brown was arrested at the court he used to be a judge at. he got in a fight with a judge and then he starts challenging the court's authority.


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